The target available for renting ’Villa Sikuri’ is located at: Osarantie 235, 39230 Osara, FINLAND.




Main Building

Includes four (4) big bedrooms and a lobby. Accommodation is for 8+1 persons (beds and couch). Additionally there are also spreadable mattresses, which act as extra beds. Upstairs there is a “summer room”, in which four (4) people can stay during the summer time.  There can also be found a 75″ TV, suitable for e.g. meeting purposes, Wi-Fi, and an undivided table for 20 persons. Main Building also has a completely equipped kitchen, WC, shower/bathroom, washing machine, dryer, iron + iron table, high quality wine cabinet, and a fireplace.
Main Building can be used throughout the year.

Sauna Building

Sauna Building has a wooden heated sauna (IKI-stove) for ten persons, WC, showers, and a big terrace with a fireplace.
Accommodation is for four (4) persons, as there are beds and a big sofa. Building has also two (2) LCD-TVs, and a small kitchen.
Sauna Building can be used throughout the year.

Fireplace Building

Consists of an united, big space with a dining/meeting table for 12 persons. The building has a 65” LCD-TV, karaoke- and stereo set, and a small kitchen (with stove, freezer, and a big fridge). On the terrace can be found also a big gas grill, and an electric smoke cooker.
Fireplace Building can be used throughout the year.


On the shore there is a Kirami’s tub for 10 persons. The tub is available for renting with an additional price.

Meant for 30-60 persons, is completely weatherproof, and gives perfect setting to organize even a bigger summer event (e.g. company’s summer party, or a wedding party).
There are tables and chairs inside the tent.

Tent is available for renting only during the summer season (May-October).
(Tent is not part of Villa Sikuri’s basic rent, but instead is priced always separately)


Villa Sikuri has basic equipment for 25 persons: Coffee makers, coffee thermoses, fan-assisted oven, big induction stove, 3 freezers, 4 fridges, toasters, microwave ovens, electric kettles, dishes set, furniture, covers and pillows.

Villa Sikuri’s equipment also consists of garbage bags, toilet paper, electricity and wood needed for heating the fireplace and sauna.

Linen and towels customer either has to bring by him-/herself, or rent those separately (price: 16€/person, VAT included).

Should the linen, pillows, towels and/or mattresses get extra dirty during the rent period, the cleaning costs will be charged from the customer.

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside all Villa Sikuri’s buildings.

Pets are not allowed in Villa Sikuri.


The person making the reservation must not be underage (has to be 18 years or older).
When customer accepts the renting offer, he/she will receive an email confirmation of the booking, in which the booking is confirmed by Villa Sikuri. That email also includes Villa Sikuri’s ‘Renting Terms and Conditions’.

The reservation immediately changes to binding for both parties.

Invoice is sent to customer’s email address (or mailed to customer if agreed so) after the confirmation email within reasonable time, however in normal situations no later than in two weeks’ time (14 days).

All remarks related to the invoice must be informed within seven (7) days after receiving the invoice.



Property owner (Kalle Paavola) has the right to cancel the reservation, in case payment has not been done by the invoice’s due date.
The customer must be informed within reasonable time of the cancellation done by the property owner.  In these kinds of situations the property owner has the right to keep half (50%) of the reservation’s total sum, which is used to cover the business expenses and possible disadvantages.

Should the renting target not be accepted at all, or accepted late, customer won’t have any rights to claim the renting sum back.
Should the customer cancel his/her stay at Villa Sikuri and leave before the renting period is over, customer is not entitled to any reimbursement.

Cancellation must always be made either in writing (email to: or verbally (e.g. calling) to the property owner. Simply not paying the invoice is not considered as cancelling the reservation.
Cancellation will be considered valid from the time onwards when the information has reached the property owner, or customer’s sent email can reliably be assumed to have arrived.

Should the customer cancel his/her reservation sooner than 30 days before the start of the rental period, customer will be compensated 75% of the paid rental’s total sum.

Should the customer cancel his/her reservation 14-30 days before the start of the rental period, customer will be compensated 50% of the paid rental’s total sum.

Should the customer cancel his/her reservation later than 14 days before the start of the rental period, customer will not be compensated at all.

Should the customer change the dates of his/her rental, property owner has the right to consider it as cancellation of the earlier reservation, and as a new reservation.

Should the reservation be cancelled due to customer’s (or his/her close relative) death, serious illness, or being part in an accident, customer is entitled to compensation which is equal to the reservation sum paid (with the exception of 20% share, which is used to cover the business expenses related to/caused by the cancellation). Cancellation made due to this kind of reason must always be made immediately. On these occasions customer must provide a medical certificate (or other reliable evidence) of the reason of the cancellation to property’s owner within 14 days of the cancellation. This kind of cancellation must be made before the rental period starts. In case the cancellation is done after the rental period is already ongoing, customer is not entitled to any compensation or return of the rental sum he/she has paid.

In case the reservation is needed to be terminated because of customer’s disruptive behavior, customer is not entitled to any compensation or return.



In case there is an overwhelming obstacle (force majeure), property’s owner can cancel the reservation. Should this happen, customer is entitled to get back the whole rental sum he/she has paid. However, other refunds or compensations will not be made.



When arriving at Villa Sikuri, a staff member is always there to welcome the customer.
At the same time Villa Sikuri and all its buildings are presented, most important things are gone through, and keys are handed over to the customer. Customer has then the possibility to ask and get answers to all questions he/she might have (e.g. of the renting, Villa Sikuri, etc.). The customer will also receive instructions how to return the given keys.

Any lost Villa Sikuri keys will be charged from the customer. If the customer can reliably be assumed to have lost the keys due to his/her own negligence, he/she will be charged the whole, real costs coming from needing to change Villa Sikuri’s locks.



When accepting the offer, tenant commits to obey Villa Sikuri’s rules and regulations.  Tenant is responsible to reimburse all damages done to Villa Sikuri’s equipment, personal property, to real estate and to its surroundings as a whole.

Also when accepting the offer, tenant commits to follow the agreed (in the offer) amount of persons arriving at Villa Sikuri (even the guests not staying long time). Should the amount of people grow, it must always be informed & agreed beforehand with Villa Sikuri’s staff.

We reserve the right to collect an additional fee for all persons exceeding the maximum 20 persons amount.

Outside at Villa Sikuri’s yard, or at Party tent, all parties or occasions causing loud noise (e.g. a band playing music), silence is every day at 10pm. After that noisy partying has to move indoors.

Should the tenant not obey above rules and regulations, and to Villa Sikuri and/or Villa Sikuri’s owner ensues unreasonable amount of harm or trouble, we reserve the right to collect an additional fee of €300 (VAT excluded), or the actual costs, from the tenant for compensation.



Villa Sikuri’s rental time begins on the arrival day at 4pm, and ends on the day of departure at 12:00 (noon). Rental times can be adjusted only by agreeing of it beforehand with the property’s owner. Rental times are defined on the price list with the following time values:  day, weekend, week, agreed dates. Holiday seasons (duration and price) mentioned on the price list are always defined separately.
On the week rental the rental period is normally from Friday 3pm until next week’s Friday 1pm. These timings can be adjusted by agreeing it before the booking is confirmed.



Tenant is responsible for cleaning during the rental, and before leaving (see below chapter Final cleaning). All damages must be reported immediately to the property’s owner. Property owner will inspect the villa and its equipment after each tenant and all non-reported damages will be charged fully from the tenant.
Smoking is strictly prohibited in all Villa Sikuri’s interior, as well as in all indoor terraces.
Pets are not allowed in Villa Sikuri.



After the tenancy, Villa Sikuri’s staff will perform final cleaning, in which e.g. the villa, bed linen, and carpets are all dusted, floors are vacuumed and washed.
The stove, fridge and kitchen cupboards are cleaned and the dishes are washed, and dishwasher is emptied. Fireplaces are emptied from the ash and ash is taken to the disposal point, and all wood storages and filled. Finally also the yard is cleaned.

However the tenant is always responsible to do basic cleaning before the rental period is over, which consists e.g. of taking the dishes to the dish washer, cleaning all visible trash to the trashcans (and all trash is taken to their designated place), wiping the buildings’ floors, cleaning all tables, and putting used towels and linen to their designated places. One must not leave any of their own stuff to the cupboards. All buildings’ lights are put off, all doors are closed & locked and the key is taken to its designated place (unless agreed otherwise with the property owner).
After the tenant’s duties & responsibilities related to final cleaning, and the cleaning carried out by Villa Sikuri’s staff, all Villa Sikuri’s buildings and courtyard must be in that kind of condition that they can be directly handed over to the next customer/tenant without a need of any additional cleaning.

Should the above mentioned basic cleaning by the tenant not be performed properly or at all, and the buildings and/or courtyard are needed to be cleaned unreasonably long time during the final cleaning before the next tenant, the tenant who neglected his/her cleaning duties will be charged at minimum €200 (VAT 0%) compensation, or the actual costs coming from the cleaning operation.



Property owner is responsible for adjusting the villa’s temperature. In case the villa is too hot or cold, consult the property owner for how to adjust the temperature.

Property owner will inspect the villa and its equipment after each tenant, so please inform all damages and problems related to usage of the villa immediately to the property owner (Kalle Paavola, mobile 0405201913). In case something is unclear to you, you can always call the property owner and ask!



Property owner Kalle Paavola can not be held responsible for reservation’s cancellation which is caused by something else than the tenant. In that kind of case the tenant will be reimbursed the rental’s total paid sum, but is not paid/given any other compensations of any kind. In case of obstacles caused by ’Force majeure’ (environment disasters such as earthquakes, strikes, uprising, war action, or similar) Kalle Paavola has the right to call off the rental agreements and deals. This has to be informed to the customers within reasonable time, and the rental sums to be reimbursed back to the customer. All possible disputes and strifes related to renting of Villa Sikuri will in the end be solved by the district court of Ikaalinen.