Main building
Consists of four big bedrooms and a lounge. Overnight stay possibility for 12 persons (beds), additionally there are mattresses which can be spread and which function as extra beds. Upstairs there is a “summer room”, in which four persons can sleep during the summer time.
With the 75” LCD television it’s easy and convenient to present material in a meeting.
Main building has fixed Wi-Fi, so you are able to read your email, or e.g. make a Skype call.
Uniform table for 20 persons serves meeting purposes excellently, as well as for all dinings.

In the Main building there is a fully equipped kitchen with capacious fridge. At the kitchen you can cook delicious meals for even a bigger crowd (alternatively you can order food and non-alcoholic beverages from us).

There can be found also toilet and shower, a washing machine and a dryer. You can iron your clothes with the iron & ironing board found in Main building.
For spending the evening there is high-quality wine cabinet, and a fireplace bringing the feel and warmth.

For year-round usage.

Fireplace building
An extremely atmospheric space where you can spend unforgettable moments with your colleagues, clients or among your family. Fireplace creates the ambience, as well as the great views to Kyrösjärvi lake.
For cooking there is a high-quality gas grill, and an electric smoke cooking grill. At the furnished, big awning it’s really nice to simply relax and spend time, especially during late spring/summer/early autumn time. It’s also the perfect place to eat well together, and admire the beautiful and calm lake view at the terrace.

The facility is also equipped with kitchen, and a big table w/ chairs, and is a really well-functioning spot for hosting meetings as well (equipped also with a big LCD television).
For spending a fun evening, there can also be found a karaoke set.

For year-round usage.

Sauna building and Tub
There are nice places in the Sauna building where to spend time, and which are completely weather proof. Wooden heated sauna (for 10 persons) gives nice and relaxing steam, and freshens the mind, body and soul of the person in the sauna.
Facility has toilet and shower, and a big terrace where can also be found a fireplace. Possibility for overnight stay is for six persons.
In the cooling-/dressing room one can change clothes, or cool him-/herself down after hot sauna in case it’s too cold outside.

Building also has a LCD television, and a small kitchen.

On the shore there is a big tub for 10 persons, and beach is right behind the tub.
During winter time if wanting so, people can do ice swimming (hole in the ice). Guaranteed that it will be refreshing for sure!

For year-round usage.