Villa Sikuri’s Menu

Goat cheese chicken, w/ honey & ginger sauce
Barley & vegetables, salad, house bread
Price €24 / person

Smoke cooked Pork fillet, in red wine sauce
Potato wedges, baconish potato salad, green salad, marinated onion, house bread
Price €29 / person

Roasted beef fillet, w/ creamy pepper sauce
Garlic potatoes, Sacramento salad, forest mushroom salad, green salad, house bread
Price €36 / person

Spicy Chicken stew / Traditional Bourguignon stew / Game stew (optional, can choose one)
Green salad, marinated onion, tasty cucumber, pasta salad
Oven root vegetables, Fried barley, Traditional creamy potatoes, Potato mash, house bread
Price €24 / person

Caesar salad (chicken)
House’s potato salad, marinated vegetables & onion, roll
Price €16 / person

Salad menu (vegetarian choice)
Price €15 / person

All menus include ice water as beverage

Villa Sikuri’s Sauna Menu

SAUNA MENU: Chicken- / beef rotisserie, w/ smoked fish- / bacon filling
two sorts of dip & vegetables assortment, oven baked potatoes
Price €20 / person


+358 45 1307216
Retulahdentie 2/34
39230 Osara

Note! Old address that still appears in Google Maps, for example:

Osarantie 235
39230 Hämeenkyrö

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