Are you planning for a management meeting, company’s summer party or other occasion? You are most welcome to Villa Sikuri, located at Hämeenkyrö. Villa Sikuri, the full-service conference and party facility was build on 2015-2016, and completed on the summer of 2016. It is located at Osara in Pirkanmaa region, along the highway-3, very close to Kyröskoski and Ikaalinen. Villa Sikuri is by the famous Kyrösjärvi lake (48th biggest lake in Finland), only 46 kilometers away from Tampere centre. For our customers we provide throughout the year high-quality accommodation and catering services for conferences and for different kinds of parties. When desired so, we also plan, organize and tailor program services for every occasion, including adventure- and fishing trips.

firma Companies
Management/Executive meetings
Lunch meetings
Trainings and courses
Recreation days
Team-/department days
Summer parties
Little Xmas parties
yksityinen Private persons
Wedding parties
Birthday parties
Theme- and family parties
Baptism celebrations
Memorial ceremony
Little Xmas parties
Class re-unions
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Villa Sikuri provides high-quality facilities for different kinds of conferences & parties with all modern equipment and gear, which fullfill the needs and desires of the modern age. Buildings consist of all together 225 square meters of interior, and offer perfect setting for even 60 persons’ occasions (during the summer time, with the advantage and extra capacity coming from party tents, even for 100 persons).

isompimokki pienimokki sauna
Main building
(20 person)
Conference space (20 persons), Wi-Fi
75″ LCD screen (e.g. for meetings)
Fully equipped kitchen
Dining table (20 persons)
Overnight stay (beds for 12)
Fireplace and wine cabinet
Toilet and shower
Washing machine, dryer, iron
Year-round use
Fireplace building
(15 person)
Kitchen (equipped)
Big table with chairs
Big LCD screen (e.g. for meetings)
Karaoke set
Grill (gas) & electric smoke cooking grill
Furnished & decked terrace (for 20)
Year-round use
Sauna & Tub
(15 person)
Wooden heated sauna (for 10)
Toilet and shower
Terrace spaces with fireplace
Cooling-/dressing room
Overnight stay (6 persons)
Small kitchen
Big tub on the shore (for 10)
Ice-swimming possibility (on the winter)
Year-round use

For summer time outdoor activities in Villa Sikuri there is lots of space and a big field (for e.g. disc golf), and also a volleyball court. Archery, “5-events Olympics” to mention a few, are activities of which we have received lots of posivite feedback from our customers. On the shore there can be found a new berth where to leave boat(s). Renting a boat from us is really easy, fast and reasonably priced.

Also during the winter time we organize and host different sorts of company/enterprise events, as well as parties & celebrations from private persons.
During the frost, as temperature has gone well below 0 degrees, when the snow twinkles under the “mat of millions of stars” in the sky, Villa Sikuri has special magic which you need to experience yourself! Whether it’s relaxing by the fireplace, or sitting in the tub after sauna (or after cooling down in the lake), Villa Sikuri gives you and your clients a feeling to remember!

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